How did we get here?

Election night 2016

I was at work when the returns started rolling in and by the time I left most of the east was in already and the news didn’t look pretty. By the time I got home we were telling ourselves it was still a possibility but it didn’t take long for reality to set in. We didn’t even stay up to see the final results and speeches we just couldn’t believe it was happening! As election season had worn on we had casually made statements like “if Trump wins we should leave the country” but in that post election haze those statements began to take shape and we began to talk seriously about it.

The election was the catalyst that made this idea take on enough shape to become a reality but we had been talking and thinking about this for a while already. We live in Seattle WA which is pretty white and pretty liberal. There is nothing wrong with either of those two things, but David and I had been talking a lot about our values and the things we wanted for our children and we were coming to the realization that not all of those could be found in Seattle. We feel strongly that we want to raise global citizens, kids who have experience with and empathy for many cultures. We feel like to do that we not only need to talk the talk but we need to walk the walk. For us walking that walk is living abroad and allowing our family to get immersed in another culture.

Fast forward a few months and David is interviewing with several schools and flying out to a job fair. The idea was getting real and on our trip to England in February we got and email from a school that really interested us. Things moved both fast and slow at the same time from that point forward and now we have an official offer!

Now the real fun starts! How do we pack up our whole life (read 5bd house and everything that comes with it) into 8 suitcases and move them across the world?

This blog will be a way for us to chronicle this adventure and keep in touch with our friends and family around the world.

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