The Visa

The journey to Morocco starts on a tourist visa. The Moroccan government takes a long time to process the work visa – up to three months. And then – only then – can we proceed with a visa for Salina. So – in all likelihood, Salina will have to leave the country for a few days three months after we arrive. There are worse things than a forced vacation to Spain… (The kids are automatically included in my work visa application).

But to get the visa? I have so many documents to collect:

  • Passport Information
  • Undergraduate and graduate transcripts (BFA, MFA, MAT) – all official of course
  • The actual Diplomas from all three degrees
  • A high school graduation transcript and diploma
  • Teaching certificate
  • Verification of previous employment
  • An FBI background check – that will likely need to be repeated due to the length of the process.

And all of that is only the first step of the process. Everything needs to be translated into French by an official translator- the language of the Moroccan government – even though the national language is Arabic. It is certainly a large amount of work; we are all looking forward to getting past that an on to our new lives in Casablanca.

(And none of this has anything to do with my actual job of teaching. Where I will be adapting my American experience to a British curriculum in an international school).

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