Part of my visa requirements include getting an FBI background check; this starts with fingerprinting. To give some context to this arduous task,all 10 fingers are individually printed on a single card. And then the four primary fingers from both hands.
This alone is difficult enough to get 12 high-quality prints. But, in my case, I had shoulder surgery just four weeks ago. I am still in a sling.

I had shoulder surgery just four weeks ago and am still required to wear my sling 24 hours a day.

When I walk back, where fingerprinting is done for background checks and fire arms permits, I indicated my desire for fingerprinting. The clerk told me I would have to remove my sling. When I got to the person taking my prints, I told him I was unable to remove my sling and we would have to work around it. The technician grumbled. Like many government employees the task was arduously benign. They let me keep my sling on. However, I was ready to cry foul and accuse him of not complying with the American disabilities act. At least I now have the fingerprints required for my background check.

I have two choices, waiting 12 to 14 weeks for a regular check. Or, I can pay a service provider to submit the prints for me. Apparently the service providers have special access to the FBI background check system and get people ahead of the queue. So for an additional fee, $62.95, I can have my FBI background check provided within five days. Given that the visa process for Morocco is three months long – after I submit all my documents including the background check, getting the check back within a week is worth the extra money.

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