Learning Arabic

Learning languages has never been my thing despite my father’s best efforts. My dad has a natural talent for languages and really wanted all three of his kids to speak several languages as well. He started this early with regular trips to Mexico, where he would pick a signature phrase and refuse to ask it for you so that you would learn it. The one that still sticks with me to this day? 20 YEARS LATER. “Where is the bathroom?” That’s right he let me reach the point of nearly peeing my pants so that I could ask for the bathroom in Spanish. I’m sure my sister and brother each have one of their own. But I digress, I am not a natural with languages and I feel really intimidated by the idea of trying to learn one. I don’t want to get the pronunciation wrong and I know I’m going to and that makes me self conscious.

But it’s time to get a move on! David and I made a deal that he would learn French and I would take Arabic. He definitely got the better end of that deal! Especially since he already speaks some French and has a dang good natural accent due to plenty of voice lessons in college.

Upside I’m choosing this and a glass of wine over cleaning the living room while David does bedtime and still calling it productive.

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