Happy Easter

Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates! The carnage at the top is from our hunt.

David and I are not religious and celebrate in a purely commercial way for the fun of the kids, but as they get older we plan to talk to them more about the history and meaning of all holidays. We also aren’t really into overdoing comercilazed holidays (read: getting them a whole bunch of junk they don’t need) so its kinda a fine line to walk, creating the “magic” they are looking for and expecting at their age while respecting our own social values.

As the knowledge that we are leaving the states really sinks in I feel the need for some reason to really “do it up” like its our last one. I know this isn’t actually the case  and that I should remember what I personally find most special and important about the holidays, which is the family togetherness. That’s my moment of “fear of the unknown” for the weekend. I don’t know what it will look like abroad and right now I feel a little….. Sad? Nostalgic? Scared? I can’t really grasp the right word to discribe my feelings about it right now.

Anyway we have had a nice morning at home so far and we will be headed out to grandmas soon where I’m sure they will be spoiled rotten.

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