Packing (and more packing)

We bought our bags, or at least some of them…

This is round one. The goal is 8 bags or less. The plan is to see how much stuff I can cram into these 4 and then decide if we need to buy more. You guys might not know this about me yet but I am an expert packer. I really am. Our last family trip was a week in England and Wales and I managed to get all of the clothing (and diapers for the week for E) for all 4 family members into one medium sized and two carry on backpacks. We have even tested my skills agents vacuum bags and I win every time. Yes you read that right I am better than the space saving bags.

Proof of my packing skills this is everything we took on our Englad trip.

Anyway these are the bags we got to start with:


These bags are pretty big. We ordered two of them to start with just so that we can start getting a feel for how much stuff will fit in them. The bags are currently on their way to us from Amazon. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes once they arrive. Wish me luck!

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