Getting the job…

My wife and I started looking at moving abroad – from the US to nearly anywhere else. I looked into teaching jobs. I signed up for job alerts. I applied for nearly any position that met my qualifications.

The first job I found and applied to – I got an interview. It was an American school in London. We were so excited. I interviewed and was shortlisted. An almost been… Bummed out I continued the search.

I got another interview with a small English as a second language school in China. They were looking for a Drama Teacher. When I opened up skype for the interview – the man interviewing me couldn’t make a good connection, so we couldn’t see each other face-to-face. We chatted in the skype platform for about 20 minutes. He didn’t ask me anything about teaching. Never called my references. Offered me the job 24 hours later. The salary was less than I would make in the US on minimum wage. I declined.

I had another great interview with a school in Bangkok. Again an American school. Again I was shortlisted.

I came to the realization that I needed to go to a job fair. I took an available weekend and flew to a fair. I got to speak with several recruiters – many told me straight away that they wouldn’t hire anyone with a family – too expensive for them.

I interviewed with four schools there (Beijing, Shanghai, Beirut, Albania) and  I even got a job offer for the high profile school in Beijing. The money was more than I would make in the US and they were going to pay for housing too. We almost said yes. But – we kept having second thoughts.

We weren’t doing this for the money and we kept hearing about the smog… we had to decline.

Weeks go by and I get a second offer from the job fair. Shanghai now. Again I almost say yes. But it isn’t the right fit for the family.

Two job offers that I declined.

It wasn’t until more searching on my own that I found the job that is taking the family to Morocco.




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