Living in the space between

I’ve been a little MIA this last week but don’t be fooled by the cover image there really hasn’t been much relaxation involved. Seriously that image was brought to you by the grandparents and is the only 45 min I have spent alone ALL WEEK.

I’m off topic already and only two sentences in… I know it’s major mom porn up there but let’s try and get back on topic…. I drank that coffee while it was hot and didn’t share the cake with anyone, and read several whole articles without interruption.

I know, I know, right in this moment you really hate me, but thanks to grandma and grandpa I had a little time to think about why I haven’t been getting around to writing. I feel like we are currently living in the space between living here and moving to Morocco. It’s too soon to actually start packing, but I’m already starting to plan for not being here in a few months. I don’t enjoy the feeling, I like to be doing something and it’s hard to feel like I can’t do anything at least not right now. For me it’s creating some sort of writers block… I feel like I have nothing good or interesting to write about, but at the same time I’m beginning to see everything in a series of lasts and I’m having trouble writing about them. It’s hard to explain and I’m sure I’m not doing it very well.

Hopefully I will have more to say soon…. We are telling our nanny next week and two weeks after that my brother moves in to start taking over our house. Things are happening – we are just at that moment where they are happening really slowly. I guess I should savor it for now, I know it will all start to move crazy fast all too soon!

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