One way to Casablanca officially booked! We actually ended up booking round trip because it was cheaper but lets not split hairs.We also ended up booking the round trip because the grandparents are going to fly out with us! They will be staying a week to help us get settled and then flying home. It will be nice to have them while we are getting settled in, and hopefully David and I can sneak in one last date before we are completely without childcare.

I’m both excited and freaked out, its been about 6 hours since we bought the tickets and I was starting to relax a little about it until I spent most of my lunch break on the phone trying to get us assigned seats since it never gave me the option when I was booking… Turns out the site we booked through was cheaper because they don’t offer any assigned seating. Now I’m freaking out a little again because I can’t decide if its worth the extra $$ to get assigned seats or if we should just hope everything will be ok? I still don’t know which way to lean but I think we might end up paying at least for the transatlantic leg. I haven’t even started on the return flight for the grandparents….

All and all though I think I’m leaning on the side of excited? It definitely feels more real now.

Now to start figuring out how much stuff I can cram in our bags…

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