Our favorite reads

I have nothing new to report on the moving front (other than a massive wall calendar full to things that need to happen in the next few months). But in an effort to keep the content coming I thought I should write about something – and David reading to the kids gave me an idea. He is mostly only reading to Patrick because Eloise is too busy cook adult fiction in her play kitchen (true story).

Side note: Ellie loves to “read” books that she takes from the shelf in our room. It’s never anyone apropreate for a two year old, the regular rotation includes nonfiction related to WW1 & WW2 along with a heathy smattering of Victorian era murder mysteries. Occasionally she also likes to add in nonfiction about soviet Russia, oh and a book of Shakespeare sonnets has been popular as well recently… 

We love to read to the kids and have a pretty extensive library that will be coming with us in the move. I’m trying not to think too hard about how much $$ that is going to cost us in overweight baggage fees, but I digress! Let’s talk about some of our favorites. 

Many of these came from Auntie RaRa. We are really lucky to have Antie RaRa in our lives (also know as my sister Rita). She is a professional nanny and has the best taste in kids books.

The Gruffalo By Julia Donaldson

Our copy of this book is literally held together with tape. The short film based on the book is pretty great too!
Chickens to the rescue! By John Himmelman

This is a recent addition but a total favorite.
I want my hat back By Jon Klassen

This one is so my sisters sense oh humor.
Hippos Go Berserk! By Sandra Boynton

Pretty much all of her books are amazing, but this is my favorite.
I wonder about what new books we will find once we get to Casablanca, I’m sure there will be other good ones. What do you like to read to your kids? If you have them…

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