Two steps forward zero steps back

Well we have taken two more steps towards our move.

  1. We told our nanny yesterday. She took it pretty well and it didn’t take her long to make the connections between our move and some behavior things we have been struggling with Patrick about. We have told her this is our last month with her, since even though we don’t leave till August once we get through the 2nd week in June David is done teaching for the year so we are in the clear!
  2. We put up the “command center” AKA our massive wall calendar/ piece of paper with the countdown to leaving and everything we need to do to leave on it. It’s hard to see much from the cover image but it’s already filling up. David and I are both planners and obsessive list makers so somehow laying it all out in writing up there on the wall brings us some comfort.

I have a feeling that that a lot of the move for a little while is going to happen in little steps like this, it’s not big earth changing progress but it’s one more little thing done.

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