Moroccan food and friends

Yesterday after our garage sale we picked up the kids from my moms and decided to head out for some Moroccan food. Believe it or not David and I have never had Moroccan food (I know crazy since we are moving there…) so we figured it was about time.

The kids fell asleep in the car on they way to the restaurant. Let me say that again; my kids who do not nap fell asleep in the car at 4:30 in the afternoon. Yes it’s a bad thing. Because my kids don’t nap they go to bed early and I live for early bedtime. It completely saves my sanity.

Ok so back to the actual story here We got to the restaurant and woke the kids up (they were NOT HAPPY) and we went in. We told our waiter that we were moving to Casablanca and he was so excited! He is from Casablanca and wanted to know where in the city we would be living and if we knew anyone already. We don’t, but he promised to put us in touch with some people. We let him pick our meal and it was amazing! I was already excited about the food and this made me even more so! Another guy (also from Casablanca) come over to talk to us as well and they were both so warm and friendly. We left with an invitation to their Ramadan buffet and an affirming feeling that we have made a good decision with our move.

I’m excited to get to know the people and the culture and to see what else this adventure brings for our family.

As a side note the garage sale went really well, and I got everything a girl could ask for (a clean house and to sleep in) on Mother’s Day.

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