So what are we doing with our house?

As promised a separate post about our house, and you didn’t even have to wait that long!

Side note: I’m writing this on my phone while I watch the kids play in the backyard. I would snap a pic but they are playing naked in the kiddie pool and I just don’t believe in putting naked pictures of my kids out there for the public to see. It’s also giving me all the feels about leaving our house and yard and moving into an apartment without a yard on the other side of the world. But those ramblings are for another time… let’s get back to the house!

So we decided to rent the house rather than sell it since we will likely be back in a few years and the market here in Seattle is only getting more competitive. Plus let’s be real this house is our only real investment and the longer we hang on to it the better our eventual retirement will be. We considered renting it out on our own and through an agency but one night at a family dinner my brother suggested that he rent it from us and rent rooms to other people. I was initially so relieved by this solution! Someone we know and trust would be in our house we wouldn’t have to worry about anything!

Eventually some of the realities and logistics sunk in and we had a few concerns, mostly about him being able to keep all the rooms rented and thus make our mortgage every month. My brother and I had a nice sit down about it one afternoon on my lunch break and the ultimate agreement we came to was that he would be responsible for the whole rent on the house (rent the whole thing from us) and that if not all the rooms are rented he would be responsible for making up that difference. Ultimately if all of the rooms are rented he will live here practically for free in exchange for taking care of the property.

My brother just moved in this past weekend so we are beginning the changeover process now. For the next month and a half he will live downstairs and then we will swap with him taking the master bedroom and our whole family moving to one room downstairs. This will allow him to start showing the upstairs rooms in preparation for being all rented Aug 1. That makes our hard out on the house the end of July.

I know what you are thinking that’s still a little over two weeks till they leave, where will they go? Well… we might move into my mom’s for those few weeks but we also might rent a house on the cost for part of it and/or visit David’s family in Oregon.  I’ll let you know when I know…

Ok that’s all for now! Hopefully everything goes to plan and you don’t have to hear about my back up plans!

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