Tourist in our own city

Today was the first Thursday of the month and and in Seattle most of the museums are free on the first Thursday of the month. 

We rode the bus downtown to the SAM today and had a really great time! I got pretty carsick both directions on the bus, which makes me a little nervous for relying on public transit during our big adventure abroad but I survived so that’s good. 

Anyway the kids were amazing, like really at their best and we had so much fun!

We had a fantastic time, but just in case this all looks too picture perfect let me tell you about our afternoon:

Fighting immediately insued about who got to turn the knobs on the toy kitchen (no joke), then Ellie broke a glass mason jar all over the stone tile around the fireplace (it was EVERYWHERE), and just to top it off she fell asleep at 4 in the afternoon. Yes you read that right my child who no longer naps slept from 4-5p. Bedtime is shot and we are watching a movie. Upside? Lost of snuggles. 

Keeping it real guys. 

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