Packing (for reals)

I have officially started packing all the stuff that isn’t going with us. AKA 90% of the pottery. My mom was/ is a potter and I grew up surrounded by it and it’s made me a bit of a hoarder… I also have a tendency to accept all family heirlooms (I can’t help myself! So much history!)

Funny story about that pottery obsession. When David and I first started living together I would refer to different pices by the name of the artist, or by the glaze type, or by some other feature distinguishable only so someone with a background in ceramics. Needless to say it made NO SENSES to him, but 8 years later I think he can actually distinguish between different artists and glazes!

Anyway…. I’m 3 boxes in and it’s 10:30a and I have already pissed the kids off. Wish me luck! 😂😩😬😱

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