Inching closer and growing up

Last night on the radio as I drove home from work I heard a story about a boy graduating from high school. It was a follow up pice to a story they had done 13 years ago on his first day of kindergarten. I cried on the way home as I listened. All of a sudden it feels like things are moving SO FAST! My kids are growing before my eyes and Patrick will start kindergarten in Morocco this fall. Every day I realized that my parents (and the random old lady on the street) were right “they grow up so fast.” 

We are making this move for them as much as to satisfy our own wonder lust. I want to squeeze every second out of their childhood and enjoy it more than I feel like I have been as a working parent. I want to have all the memories of while they were little and full of wonder, before I blink and they are graduating and moving on to their own adult life’s. 

Anyway… that’s enough melodramatic musings for one morning. Off to work!

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