Ten days and counting!

We are officially TEN days out from the move out date and we are in full swing! WE HAVE SO MUCH STILL TO DO! David and I frequently think we are crazy…

We have managed to move everything out of 3 of the five bedrooms and as I type we are waiting for someone to come and buy one of the kids dressers. I have been working all weekend and my next day off isn’t till Thursday so David has been handling the bulk of the stuff at the house. My acts for the day included spending way to long in line attempting to get a new DL (I ran out of time before work 😫 and now I have to go back to the DMV) and getting fingerprinted for my FBI background check.

My dad comes to town on Thursday night for the weekend and I’m pretty excited to see him, it’s been a while. And then Tuesday and Wednesday of next week are the final push before we head out to Eugene for a long weekend with Davids family.  When we get back we will be moving into my moms for the last both before we actually leave the country.

David has already packed most of his stuff, but I still haven’t started packing any of my stuff or the kids…. should be a crazy 10 days!!!

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