Are we done yet?

We are officially at day -2 for being out of our house. And I have just been too busy to update here. Let’s just say things have not gone exactly to plan, or to our back up plan, or even to the back up to the back up plan. So here is a little catch-up to where we are at.


I go to a meeting at work, it’s supposed to be 7a-11a but I end up leaving at 11:45. A coworker of mine is sick so we swap shifts for the next two days. So now I’m working 8-5 on Wednesday and then I’m off on Thursday. We spend the afternoon packing and David goes to an eye apt. Now here’s where things go off the rails. My mom comes over after bedtime to help move some of our suitcases to her house in preparation for moving in there on Thursday. She comments that they are really heavy and will the airline take them? But she is sure we have done or research…. WE HADEN’T. I know, I know this seems like a large oversight, but there it is. We knew we would have to pay overweight fees but we never considered the size factor. After 20 min on hold with Air Canada (while I have an ugly sob fest) we get the details. No bags over 70lb period, and our 36″ bags are bigger than they accept in terms of size anyway. Cue further meltdown on my part. We finally get to bed around midnight without further resolution.


I work 8-5 and worry the whole time about the suitcase situation. I finally get home around 6 tired and with a horrible headache. Originally we planned to send the kids home with my mom and work at the house until late, but I honestly just couldn’t face it. We gave in and just went to my moms and to bed early. Unfortunately this did not set us up well for Thursday.


For some crazy reason we booked ourselves all doctors appointments back to back from 9:30-12:30. So David got up early to go back to the house and help his brother with some stuff and then rushed back so that we could fight rush hour traffic across town. We made it only 15 minutes late (small miracles) and proceeded with the whole round of appointments everyone had to get shots and both kids freaked the F*** out. So much so that 15 min later we still hadn’t gotten them dressed. In the original plan, David was going to take them out while the doc finished up with my pap but we ended up just having to do it with the kids still screaming on the other side of the room. A pap is never a pleasant experience but this was by far the worst one ever, and it had nothing to do with the doctor.

After that we rushed back to the house to get back to cleaning and packing. David left to run an errand and I tried to wrap my head around everything we still had to do. Long story short by 9pm we managed to pack the rest of the storage unit empty the kids rooms and the living room / dining room. We ended up moving everything to the garage and our master bedroom to deal with after the weekend. At 9pm we started driving to Portland and we got to the hotel around 12:30a.


We are on vacation for the weekend! We had brunch in Portland with a friend and then drove to Eugene to spend the weekend with Davids parents.

I’ll be back next week after a weekend spent by the pool! 😍

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