3.5 weeks and counting 

I thought I would put up a little update since we are really getting close now!

We have been living at my moms since we got back from Eugene and it’s going pretty well. The kids are loving all the extra grandparent time and I’m loving that grandma and grandpa are already up early and happy to see the grandkids at 6:30 am.

Irv’s Luggage is exchanging 2 of our 4 Pathfinder bags for smaller ones which is great! We are just waiting for the new ones to arrive later this week. And my mom is going to buy us a large hard shell bag for all the kids toys. I’m hoping that once we have those we will be all set for bags.

Language update: Arabic is not going particularly well 😩 I could be trying harder, but it also doesn’t seem to be sinking in…. So I’m going to try French instead and see if I can make any headway there.

We leave to go camping for two nights tomorrow which should be really fun, and then it’s Davids camp week right after that.

Happy Monday!

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