Saying Goodbye to Friends

Today we had a last play date with some old friends. P & M have been friends practically since birth and M’s mom is one of my best and longest mom friends. It’s incredibly hard to make friends in this city (seriously the Seattle freeze is real) and mom friends are even harder due to the kid factor. But I have two of the best, and so do the kids. We are so lucky!

The three of us first meet in a nursing group (serious nursing problems all around) and I think the shared struggle really bonded is together. Now almost FIVE YEARS later we will be spread out all over the world (UK, Morocco, & USA) but I’m sure we will all be in touch, because once you have shared sore, and bloody boobs together your pretty much bonded for life. Really tho early nursing was a disaster it’s a wonder I kept up with it (#thethingstheydonttellyou) and I know having those ladies in my life helped me on that journey.

P took the goodbye really well, I think he is adjusting to all the goodbyes and getting better at coping with them and expressing his feelings. I think by far the hardest part of the move is saying goodbye to all of our favorite people, and with each day we are saying goodbye to more of them. I’m excited to make new lasting friendships on our new adventure but still sad about the support we are moving away from.

This has turned into kinda a disjointed rambling, but that’s where my thoughts are right now. We are under the two week mark and things are starting to move along pretty quickly.

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