Soaking up our last Seattle days

Five days later and a lot has happened! We finally sold our car yesterday! Hip hip hooray! The car was the last “big” thing left and a real source of stress. I still have a bit of packing to do, but we are mostly ready to go. Oh and I had my last day of work on Wednesday 😢 I might have a love hate relationship with retail in general, but I love my work family and I will truly miss them. 

Yesterday we played tourist in our own city and rode the bus downtown to ride “The Wheel.” We had an absolute blast and the kids held up really well. 

There is still a lot of smoke in the air from the BC forest fires, normally you would be able to see so much further!
If you look closely you can see the starting of the famous Seattle rush hour traffic. Keep in mind that we were up there around 2:30/45

We also went to a BBQ at my grandfathers retirement home in the evening. The kids had tons of fun and it was nice to get in one more visit before we leave. Of particular fun for Ellie was the pony rides (who knows where she gets that from 😂 jk it’s totally from me) but no pictures because I was too busy spotting her and daddy was too busy taking care of big brother. I guess some things will just have to live in my memory…

We are headed out to a baseball game tonight (the kids 1st) and then just four days till we fly out! 😬✈️

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