We Made It!

Sorry for the communication black out on our end! The last few days before leaving Seattle and the first few days since arriving here in Casa have been so full/ busy/ stressful/ all encompassing/ a million different other things that I just haven’t gotten around to it! We are learning new things every day, and I have so much to talk about but not enough alone time to organize my thoughts and put them out here. I’ll be working on that in the next week or so! 

Anyway for your viewing pleasure here are some pics of the new apartment. Obviously none of these are staged… and people with small children live here. Haha haha! We are still trying to find a home for everything and to put up pictures so maybe I will do an update when we are officially all settled in. 

This is the main living room. It is at the front of the building and overlooks the street.
The “dining room” area, it’s open concept with the living room.
Looking down the hall.
One full bathroom. (Not pictured is the bidet) 😳
Sink area in the half bath.
Tolet room in the half bath.
The kitchen. Not pictured is the washing machine, more to come on that adventure later…
Another view of the kitchen, looking out to the patio.
Heading out onto the patio.
The patio! We are so lucky to have this it’s a major bonus feature and an amazing safe enclosed space for the kids to play.
Breakfast this morning! 😍
The kids room & playroom. This room is straight at the end of the hall just to the left of the kitchen.
More of a “bedroom” view. For now the kids are sharing a bed, but I thought I ultimately we would like to get them a set of bunk beds.
More of a playroom view of the same room. In this view the bed would be behind you.
Our room. It’s right next to the living room and also looks over the street, as you can kinda see in the picture we have our own balcony as well.
View from the balcony
View looking right.
View looking left.

Ok so long for now! Next up the washing machine adventure! (I think… unless I change my mind)

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