The luggage saga

As promised yesterday here is our luggage saga. 

I lost count of the number of times I packed and repacked our bags. There was the original packing into the the 36″ bags which we then found out were bigger than the airline would take, the 1st attempt at repacking into the 32″ bags only to realize we had too much stuff, the cutting out of stuff and repacking again, and rinse and repeat a few more times. I actually kind of enjoy packing and pride myself on the amount of stuff I can get in a bag, but this was obnoxious. It was far and away one of my biggest stresses in getting ready for this adventure. 

We ended up with a total of 6 checked bags, 4 under 50lbs and two “overweight” aka over 50lbs but under the max weight of 70lbs. We were traveling with my mom and her husband and between the two of them they had one checked bag so for the 6 of us we had 7 checked bags. 

  • Three 32″ rolling duffle bags
  • One gray semi hard sided wheelie bag (average size?)
  • One smaller rolling duffle (average ish size in the “old days” it was carry on size before they made it smaller)
  • One large garment bag 

We totally maxed out the carry on/ gate check situation with a total of 9 items between the four of us. 😳

  • Two car seats. They didn’t count as items because the kids sat in them in their seats. 
  • Two backpacks mostly full of electronics and a few personal items. 
  • My “purse” actually full of personal items and random stuff for the kids. 
  • The kids suitcases which are small enough to carry on. We put clothes in one side and zipped it shut leaving the other side empty to put their backpacks in. This saved us from having two more carry on items and as we were settling into our seats we just pulled the backpacks out so that they would have all their “stuff” for the flight. 
  • One small hard sided bag full of pottery I couldn’t stand to be without and framed pictures. 
  • And we had the stroller, which we gate checked. 

My mom and her husband had 3 carry on items + two sleep machines between them. Two backpacks and one small hard sided bag. The hard sided bag had a bunch of our framed pictures in it as well. Thanks mom! 🙏

I’m not gonna lie getting our bags checked in and getting through the airport was a major pain and we had two layovers so we schlepped all that stuff on and off three air plaines but we made it to the other side! Unfortunately one of our bags did not make it all the way with us, and it was the bag with all of Patrick’s favorite toys and most of his clothes! 😫  
We did eventually get the bag (two days later) but it’s unfortunately missing a few items. All toys we can replace or do without but still pretty sad for Patrick – and as a mom I felt pretty bad about it. We cut back and cut back and cut back again what everyone got to bring so it was really hard to see Patrick get shorted some of his carefully selected precious items.  

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