One week anniversary!

We have officially been here a week as of today! It’s been whirlwind of a week but I think we are settling in pretty well. 

Today the kids and I set out on our first solo adventure. It was a bit of a bust, but it open my eyes to my unconscious thought process which was really interesting to me. I’m sure I will have many more of those moments as we settle in and become locals. 

As an American and specifically a Pacific Northwesterner I’m so used to public green space. Here in Casa, in our neighborhood I have yet to find any public green space. I actually haven’t even found a public space of any variety green or not in our neighborhood. In my mind, to my “American” way of thinking this just can’t be true! I keep thinking there must be a little park with a playground right around the corner where all the local families go to play right? (Pretty sure they just play in the street after the sun starts to set) Well I took to google maps to find that elusive park and came up empty handed for our immediate surroundings. So I widened my search area, just hunting for a green space to run around and play in. Most green spaces of any size are football clubs. Seriously they are almost as common as neighborhood parks are in the states. Anyway after honing in on several blocks of green space (most of which was football clubs, yes multiple clubs) I see one with a tree icon and the title Club OCP. Pictures show a play structure green space etc, it must be a park right? It’s a 25 min walk which is a little far but why not? I can walk that far and it will be so fun for the kids! Turns out I should have payed more attention to the “club” part because we trekked down there only to discover what I suspect is the Moroccan equivalent of a country club. Lesson learned, but at least I got my exercise for the day! 😂😴😩 


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