My house smells like pee?

So unfortunately I have finally gotten the cold. 😫 I so thought I would get a pass on it since everyone else was on the mend and I hadn’t gotten it yet, but sadly that’s not the case. 

And we took a long walk today in search of a craft market. We didn’t find it but we enjoyed the adventure all the same, and we got our daily grocery shopping done along the way!

Ok so back to the pee…. We are quickly approaching the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha, “The feast of the sacrifice” in which a sheep is slaughtered. The holiday honors Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son and God intervening to replace his son with a sheep. Each family slaughters a sheep and the meat distributed in thirds, one third to the family, one third to relatives, and one third to the poor and needy. This is of course a simplified version of a very important holiday, and I am still learning all about it. A week ago the sheep showed up in our neighborhood and now people are starting to take them home. We have been told that soon nearly every balcony will have a sheep living on it for a day or two, but we have also learned that whole apartments in buildings get converted into lots of little sheep apartments so that if you don’t have a balcony you can rent one for your sheep. 

Ok so back to pee, (again) all of this morning whenever I walked through the living room I smelled pee. Like the potty accident clothes you forgot about and only discovered two weeks later in a plastic bag at the bottom of your backpack pee smell. We have small kids so potty accidents happen, and I spent a while trying to figure out where it was coming from… what outfit had I missed? Had someone peed on the couch cushions and not told me? Was there pee in someone’s shoes? The smell was strongest by the door and in part of the living room but my search turned up nothing! And then the light bulb went on! The holiday is this Friday everyone’s sheep are moving in. My apartment legit smells like a stall that hasn’t been cleaned in a week. 

Fortunately there are parts of the house that don’t smell and it’s all a grand adventure so you have to just embrace all parts of it!

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