What there’s no recycling? And 9 other things I’ve learned so far. 

We are all still suffering through this cold, and that’s putting a major damper on any adventuring for right now. Other than our daily food shopping outings, we have been spending a lot of time at home. It’s been good in a way, I’ve hung a few things on the walls (where there were hooks already because it’s impossible otherwise) and I’ve had some time to think about things that are different, both the good and the bad. I guess this is what you would call culture shock? Although it doesn’t feel like a shock as much as a series of interesting things. 

  1. There is basically no recycling. I’m making bag of trash every two ish days which just kills me. Coming from Seattle where even with a kid in diapers we only made about a bag of trash a week this is a big adjustment for me. I’m thinking of starting a compost bin, and the school does recycling plastic water bottles so those are some bright spots. 
  2. Basically everything I need can be bought within one block of our apartment. This one I LOVE it’s been so fun to see the same people everyday day and to become part of the community by living/ buying locally. 
  3. It’s safest to buy sterile milk in a box from the shelf, rather than to buy the milk in the refrigerated cases. It’s a bit of a shame because I definitely notice a difference in taste, but the kids don’t seem to mind it at all. 
  4. What’s considered acceptably dressed as an adult women is much more relaxed that I thought it would be. This has been great! I had brought a bunch of lightweight shirts to wear over sleeveless things and it’s been nice to discover that I don’t really need them. (At some point soon I’ll do an outfit post so you guys can see what I have been wearing.)
  5. No one has a dryer, but that’s ok because everything drys so fast in the sun! We do have a washing machine which is amazing!
  6. Eggs! You buy them from the butcher (usually) and they are room temperature. They live on your counter and are stable and fine to eat for several weeks. But! They have to be throughly washed with soap and water before cooking and eating. Interesting tidbit, the light brown eggs are more expensive than the dark brown ones. I have been told that the light brown are organic (no idea what that actually means here), but I doubt there is actually any real difference. 
  7. Moroccans love kids. Funny story, yesterday (or maybe the day before?) David took the kids down to the bakery to get a baguette to go with our dinner and while standing in line Eloise walked right up to the counter and TOOK A BITE OUT OFF OF A CHOCOLATE CROISSANT. Just took a bite right off of the display… I’m not even joking. David was HORRIFIED. The bakery people on the other hand thought it was just so cute, so they gave it to her and wouldn’t let David pay for it. 
  8. There is no such thing as car seats for kids, or at least not as far as I can tell. Also seatbelts…. maybe? We brought ours along on the flight over and if we ever get a car here and work up the nerve to drive it I will definitely be installing them. 
  9. Also on the subject of cars… Traffic lanes are totally open to interpretation, especially when turning left. If you watch it for a bit it kinda makes sense, they flow like water down the road going wherever there is room. 
  10. Green space is mostly only found in the form of a “club” that you join for an annual fee. On the plus side they are immaculate, have lots of activities and usually a pool too!

Ok that’s all for now! I’m sure there will be more as we continue to explore our new life here. 

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