Two weeks and the forgotten post. 

I wrote a post on Thursday our official two week anniversary here, but then life happened and I forgot to finish and post it! Whops!

The tram started running again a few days ago and this weekend we took our first tram adventure! We went to the public beach, had lunch and played in the sand. 

The weather was great but silly us we didn’t bring swimsuits! In my mind when we decided on the adventure I thought we would play a little in the sand and have a little walk, but I should have known better! What child can resist water and sand together! Anyway lesson learned for next time. The sand here is so fine it gets absolutely everywhere and sticks to everything, so even after a change of clothes (which I’m glad I brought) the kids were still covered in it!

Friday was the big holiday and we are finally free of the smell of pee! We never ended up seeing a single sheep on anyone’s balcony, which was a bit of a disappointment. On the whole the holiday was a lot less intense than we expected, and we actually saw more sheep parts on Saturday than in Friday. 

I did a massive food shop on Wednesday to be ready for the holiday weekend since we were told everything would be closed. It was weird to do that much shopping since I have been working really hard on just buying what we need for the day in order to have less waisted food. The stroller which I haven’t used too much (due to uneven or nonexistent sidewalks) came in really handy for stuffing everything in. My fridge was so full!

Currently we are hanging out at home on a quiet Sunday morning. David is lesson planning, and the kids are playing happily. I think this afternoon we will head out on another adventure so more to come next week!

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