We actually live here?

The adventure vacation vibe has finally worn off and reality is setting in. This isn’t actually a bad thing, just a new phase of the adventure and something I had been expecting for a while. We have a real life here, and after more than 3 weeks the real life stuff starts to set in. The floors get dirty, the bathroom needs to be cleaned the magical kitchen fairies still haven’t shown up to do the dishes. I have finally put most of the pictures up and found a place for most of the odds and ends so it’s nice to see the apartment really come together as our home. 
All day school starts this week for Patrick (he only had 3 half days last week) so we will see how that goes. On the whole the kids have been more tired here than in Seattle, I suspect that all the newness and language barriers are just as mentally challenging for them as they are for us. Patrick does have a “nap time” after lunch at school and I will be interested to see if he naps. The kid hasn’t napped with any regularity in well over a year (possibly almost 2?) so part of me will be surprised if he sleeps but I think the downtime will be really good for him. Eloise also will have a nap time on the two days she goes to school so I have been toying with the idea of trying to nap her most days at home. She has slept both time she has been to school and two other days last week so I am wondering if she needs it. She just hasn’t constantly napped in most of a year either so it’s kinda funny to consider going back to that. 

I have my first class tomorrow! Hopefully it goes well…. At the moment accepting the teaching offer feels like a big mistake, because on the whole I’m really enjoying staying home. I think after tomorrow I will likely know better and the contract is a trial period just for the 1st trimester. I’m telling myself that if it isn’t working and I don’t enjoy it I can revisit the commitment at that point. 

Ok enough rambling for one day! We didn’t make it out on any sort of adventure this weekend because we went to a BBQ instead and did some much needed house stuff, but hopefully next weekend we can get out and do something fun for me to tell you all about!


    • It’s hot during the day mid 80’s ish and sunny all the time! That’s probably part of it! I think there is also just a lot of cognitive stuff going on. They are learning a lot of new things daily which I’m sure is exhausting for their brains.


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