Yesterday’s Adventure 

We made it to another weekend! Hip hip hooray! And next weekend might be a long one! Hip, hip, hip hooray! We don’t know yet but hopefully will know in the days day or two so that we can make plans if it is. I know you are wondering how can that be that you don’t know for sure? Doesn’t the school have a definitive schedule? This is less than a week away! Trust me David is having all those thoughts. This apparently has to do with the new year…. according to the rules you have to be able to see the moon with the “naked eye” and there is some question as to when it will be visible due to the weather. Just one of those things that makes life a little extra interesting! 😂

Anyway…. back to yesterday! We had planned to go check out the ground at the palace but as we approached the tram stop it all looked pretty blocked off so I guess the renovations are not done. So, we decided to stay on the tram for two more stops and hit up the marché central. We got some nice baskets and had lunch before heading home for a relaxing afternoon. 

If the three day weekend happens we might have a longer adventure! I’ll keep you posted. 

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