Rabat adventure!

Yesterday we took a day trip to Rabat. If you follow me on instagram you have already seen a lot of these pics but here we go anyway….
Let me just say that traveling with small children is not for the faint of heart. I love seeing things through their eyes and it really forces you to slow down and live in the moment. But it’s also exhausting and frustrating at times, like at 6a this morning when they are up a rearing to go (or so they think… they are actually incredibly grumpy due to lack of sleep) despite the fact that we got back late last night. Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have David as my partner on this parenting journey? Guess who was up with them at 6a even though he didn’t get to sleep till after 11p last night? That’s right you guessed it, it was David. Absolutely not me. 

Ok back to Rabat…

Anyway if you are staying in Casablanca, Rabat is a great and easy day trip or quick getaway. It’s only an hour by train and the train runs about every half hour all day long. Kids 3 and under are free (shh Patrick is 3….) so we only bought two tickets. We chose to get first class tickets partly because we didn’t know what we were getting into train wise and partly because we wanted the reserved seats. The trains were easy to use and pretty comfy, I think as we adjust and feel more comfortable with the experience we might try second class since it is a lot cheaper. It cost us 138dh for two tickets one way, and the same for the return so 276dh total on train tickets. 

We most definitely did not see everything there was to see and we will be going back to do more. Our plan was to walk through the Medina and head up to the Kasbah des Oudaias taking in the Andalusian gardens and maybe the Musée des Oudaia on the way. The Medina is an easy and pretty walk from the Ville train station and is absolutely fantastic! It’s a little less crowded and tight than other markets we have been in so far and there was so much to see! I took a ton of pictures. Exiting the market we headed right to the Kasbah des Oudaias since it was right in front of us. I theory we should have passed the Andalusian gardens on the way but unfortunately we never found them 😕. The view from the outer wall of Kasbah is spectacular and we could definitely have spent more time exploring, but we were hot and hungry. After eating we walked back through the market and caught the train home to Casablanca. 

Now for the photo dump! Sorry if this takes forever to load… I couldn’t make choices 😬

On the train headed to Rabat.
Fountain right outside of the train station in Rabat.
Headed into the Medina.
Sleepy lady gets a shoulder ride. Not long after this we put her on my back in the carrier and she passed out for a solid hour or more.
Shoes!!! I love shoes (it was my second word after horse) These ones are so beautiful, and soft, and the colors, and decorations!
The spice shops! Be sure to smell everything and taste a few if offered. Get a small mixed bag to snack on while you walk 😍
Pets!!! “Mommy Daddy please can we get one? I’ve ALWAYS wanted a pet turtle my whole life!” And no, we were not swayed and the turtles and lizards stayed in Rabat.
More market view, there is something to look at wherever you turn!
Shoes so many shoes, and like I said I love shoes. The leather quality and workmanship is great on some of them.
Bags! So many bags! 😍 I’m a bit obsessed with leather goods… I love the smell and the feel ugh I could go on and on! Quality leather makes my heart happy.
Woodwork, these boxes and carved things are also everywhere. They are so beautiful and some of the designs are really amazing!
More leather goods, because as you know I’m obsessed. Seriously I could spend all day looking at them. Anyone want to pay me to do that?
These ceramics and silver works were amazing! I’m the child of a potter so I have trouble passing ceramics up as well….
The rugs! The rugs! It smelled like wool in there and I loved it.
More rugs…. and mirrors. Look at those patterns!
Eloise checking some things out.
Mosaic fountains in the market.
More ceramics, because I just can’t pass them up! Haha haha….
Looking down the market! It’s so colorful!
The kids with a cannon! I feel like this is such a common shot! See a castle, get a picture with a cannon…. ahh well the kids were excited 😊
Climbing up to the Kasbah.
“Look mom grass!” The kids had to have a picture sitting in the grass 😂 now that it’s a rarity in our lives….
View from the hill looking back towards town.
Carved door. I’m also a little obsessed with the doors here… each one is a little different…
My little troupers. They really did a lot of walking and they were mostly good about it.
Tiny little side “street”. 😍
I know, I know, ANOTHER mosaic fountain…
Blue door.
The view looking out over the water.
Family shot! Funny story, I took like five million of these and there isn’t a single one where we are all looking! This one has three out of four so I’m calling that a win!
Patrick mommy moment! 😍
More view from the top!
Waiting for the train home, and opening toys. We got talked into toy phones from a street vendor by the kids. How bad could they be right? Turns out bad and loud, very loud. I suspect they might move permanently to “silent mode”

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