What I’ve been wearing. 

No the cover image is not what I have been wearing around town… I’m sure that would garner me unwanted attention. That was at the beach lounging by the pool. 😍

Ok so this is a post I have been meaning to get up for a while and I just keep forgetting or getting sidetracked by other more fun things. Before we came I was a bit nervous about how to dress here. I did some research, but honestly struggled to find too much information. Information about appropriate dress seemed to be on two ends of the spectrum with very little in between. On one side (and keep in mind this is a bit of a generalization): as an adult woman I should basically be covered from the neck down at all times. On the other side: they really don’t care too much what you wear, but if you don’t want to attract a lot of unwanted attention keep your shoulders and knees covered, and don’t wear any low cut tops. 

The reality here in the city seems to lean towards the later, but neither is completely right. I’m sure outside of major cities and in areas that are more conservative the former would be more true but I can’t speak to that since we haven’t really made it out of the city yet. From my wandering through the city the knee rule seems more true than the shoulder. I have seen only a handful of women in skirts above the knee and the only woman I have see in shorts was obviously a tourist. But, I do see tank tops with some regularity, and I have seen quite a few off the shoulder tops. I haven’t seen any particularly revealing necklines or any strapless tops at all. Now keep in mind I’m a mum with two little kids doing typical mum stuff, and definitely not out enjoying the nightlife so I can’t speak to that for clothing. Not that I wouldn’t mind a little nightlife in my life but we don’t have childcare so that’s not really an option right now 😭. Honestly tho I’m pretty tired at the end of most days just from keeping up with life and I don’t know if I could stay awake that late! Haha 😂 

Anyway I decided to error a little more on the side of coverage when I packed, but I did bring tanks and sleeveless items (planning to put something over them). On the whole I haven’t received much unwanted attention, but who knows if that’s due to the small people (my kids) or my carefully cultivated attitude of “I don’t care for your opinion”. Seriously ladies if you plan to travel with, or without a partner this attitude will come in handy often. Ok so back to the clothes…


For some reason I thought I had more pictures than this…. but turns out I don’t. I will have to try and be more diligent about taking them. On the whole I’m happy with what I brought with me, I do sometimes wish I had brought a pencil skirt or two and I definitely wish I had another pair of lightweight pants. I have noticed I’m getting a little bored with my clothes, but I’m a bit of a cloths horse so that kinda to be expected. It is causing me to wear thing in ways haven’t before (too bad I’ve been bad about the outfit pics or I would have an example 😂), which is fun. 

On the whole I feel completely comfortable on the street and I haven’t worn an outfit yet that made me feel culturally uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to maybe getting to sweater weather eventually (I couldn’t resist bringing a bunch), but I heard it didn’t get cool here till late November last year!

Tomorrow Patrick turns FIVE! So expect my musings on that subject! 😉 (think an extended round of how is it possible that time goes so fast)


    • Hi! I love it too! It’s one of my favorites! I’ll get David to send you the school address. Mail here is really hard, we can’t really receive packages at the apartment, and the take forever to get here (if they ever arrive). David’s mom sent a package a month ago and we have yet to get it and it’s last location was in NYC. It’s also super expensive and I don’t want you to feel obligated if you get it priced out and it’s more than you want to spend.


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