Happy Birthday Patrick!

This dude turns five today!!! It’s hard to believe that five years go we were in the hospital awaiting his arrival (and had been for awhile). He is the sweetest most caring little boy and I know everyone says this, but I feel like a can’t remember what our life was like before him. The pleasure of watching ones children grow is really hard to explain, and I am amazed every day in who he is. All at once he is like his father, like me, and all his own person. I worry constantly about sending him out into the world and each year brings more of that, and new lessons for me in letting him grow. This year he started school for real; five days a week and all day. Seeing him meet that challenge and sending him off to it most mornings of the week has been so bittersweet for me. I know as a parent more and more of those moments are to come and I both dread them and look forward to them all at once. So here’s to the birthday boy who made me a parent! Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you! 😘💕❤️ 

On a less sappy note we opted this year for a surprise trip over a friends party. I just couldn’t get a birthday party together within our first month of moving here and having no idea how common they are locally. Maybe by next year I will have that all figured out. So instead we are going to Disneyland Paris!!!! Not until early November but we are going with some of our best friends (their little girl is one of Patrick’s besties) and seeing them for a special birthday trip will be amazing! It will also be his friends birthday so they will be able to celebrate together at Disney! Also David got a trip to Disney for his fifth birthday so it feels like a pretty special tradition to continue. 

Ok off to wrap presents now because we were just too tired to do it last night after the kids finally fell asleep. 

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