What we are cooking and eating. 

First off did you guys see the size of the watermelon in the cover picture?!?!? Isn’t it massive? It only cost us 40dh because the fruit guy cut me a break (likely because we are keeping him in business by our banana purchases alone! 😂). Anyway we have only little knifes like the one in the picture so that was a fun challenge. We bought that sucker last weekend and even after taking some to school for a treat on Patrick’s birthday I still have some left! 

I think I’ve talked about food a bit here before, but I’m gonna go for it again because I like food and I like to cook. We have really been trying to eat in season and locally, and to not over buy. I would say the over buying thing has been one of the biggest challenges/ adjustments for me. In Seattle I was used to buying and cooking extra so that we would have lunches for the next day. Here David and Patrick have lunch provide by school, and Eloise and I eat anything leftover from the day before or just bread with some sort of toppings. As a family we have been eating a lot of fruit, and a pretty good amount of veggies, along with lots of bread. Honestly I’m a little embarrassed by the bread thing, we are going through 1-2 baguettes a day! 😬 ( I tell myself it’s fresh and likely preservative free, so a little more healthy) And yet even with all the carbs David has lost weight and I feel like we are all a eating better/ more healthy diet. 

A lot of my go to meals in the states involved a oven, which we don’t have here so I have had to make some adjustments. I used to make pizza on the regular at home because the bread machine would do most of the work and after the dough is done it’s a pretty fast meal. I haven’t found (aka don’t know how to ask for and haven’t seen) yeast yet, but after a little searching on the internet I found both a yeast free pizza dough recipe and a stovetop method for cooking! Thanks google! 👏👏👏

We have also been eating a lot of eggplant. I have mostly been breading it and frying it which is good, but I i think it’s time to come up with a few new ways to cook it. Got any good ones that are stovetop only? 

Lettuce was basically nonexistent here when we arrived, but as the weather has started to cool off I’m seeing some on the carts so that’s been a pretty exciting change. I’m interested to see what other new things will appear and what things will disappear as the seasons change!

Pancakes and fruit! Some things are pretty much the same 😋
A salad! 😍 The cherry tomatoes here are soooo good!
A little hard to see, but pizza and veggies! Obviously my food photography skills need some work… but look at that happy family!
Both kids are sick and at home today so we are laying low. I’m thinking about trying pasta from scratch for dinner tonight (another one I used to do regularly in Seattle). We will see how it goes here without the Kitchen Aid to help with the kneading and to mechanize the rolling out. I’ll try and remember to take pictures so that I can post about it later! 😂


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