Weekend catch-up!

It was a hectic, crazy and not always fun week around these parts. And we are finally getting caught up today! David is gone all day looking at camping options for school so it’s just me and the kids getting things done!

The mission: major grocery shopping (we are out of a lot of things), beach toys for tomorrow’s adventure, lots of laundry, and maybe some bathroom cleaning or kids room cleaning and organizing? But let’s back up for a sec…

Tuesday after school and meetings we went to pick up Eloise from school so that we could all go out for a birthday dinner for Patrick. It took us FOREVER to get a cab (thank you rain + rush hour) and we were an hour late picking her up! We had roast chicken and frites and then caught the tram home for cake and presents. I think overall it was a successful and happy birthday! Oh we also finally told him the birthday surprise! We are all going to Disney Paris in November! And with our best friends! I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have mentioned this already, but I’m blogging from my phone and I don’t feel like trying to look back so sorry for the repeat! 

Wednesday Eloise woke up with a cold so we mostly stayed in and tried to rest. 

Thursday both kids were sick so more of the same + movies. David had to work late because it was parents night so I was solo all day with both kids. 😱

Friday kids mostly better (at least enough to go to school) and then home for family dinner! Rather than all picking Eloise up we decided to divide and conquer! David and Patrick to get wine and beer (much needed) me to pick up Eloise, and then whoever got home first would get ground beef from the butcher for dinner. Side note: ground beef come already seasoned! They mix it right in as they grind it (which also happens right as you order it).

And here we are back up to speed with Saturday! Mission of the day mostly accomplished, and now we are hanging at home playing mostly happily together! Well all the shopping got done…. I haven’t started any cleaning yet. We will see how much of that actually gets done! 😬 Just five more hours till bedtime!


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