The doctor adventure 

Mom, dad, family and loved ones don’t freak out everyone is fine!

Ok now that we have got that part out of the way let’s move on with this thing. Yesterday after school we took Eloise to the doctor. It was definitely an experience that differs from the states and it really made me miss our beloved Dr. Johnson in Seattle. She was the best I could go on and on about her, but if you have a kids you already know how great (and hard to find) a good family doc is.
On Saturday Eloise had several large hives on her torso that were kinda concerning, but David was gone all day scouting campsites for school so we opted to stay home and watch them. Sunday no hives, but a fever in the early hours of the morning. Monday hives all over her torso! Big red angry ones that were obviously itchy. David and Patrick were already at school at this point and after some discussion we agreed that we should take her to the doctor that afternoon. We found a doctor that speaks English, and made an appointment for 5:30pm. That’s right 5:30pm and you know what? It wasn’t her last apt of the day! Like most things here the office is closed from 1-3pm and then open until 7pm! So we go to the appointment and manage in limited French and visuals to get through the initial interaction at the front desk. The doc speaks pretty good English which is great and I’m so thankful, but it was just a different experience. We started in her office with general questions about health and if anything had been different over the last few days. Then off to the exam room to look at the hives and take vitals. The hives at this point are of course much better than they were in the morning (why do I feel like this always happens) but we go through the whole thing anyway. At some point along here I remember that we bought grape juice for the first time over the weekend and a new package of laundry soap recently. So, ultimately we suspect a preservative or dye in the juice, although as I write this I’m realizing that hives round one predates the juice so WHO KNOWS! As a precaution no more grape juice and I will be looking for new detergent too.

We walked away from the appointment with peace of mind that it wasn’t anything serious, and a prescription for two things. Which to me seems excessive, especially for something that was kinda already going away. Who knows maybe the prescription is a cultural thing so you feel like you got something out of the visit? It’s so foreign to my  general experience with our family doc in the states that I can’t decide how to feel about it. I’m definitely going to research both things before I give her any of them, and today the hives are basically all gone so I think we are in the clear. Fingers crossed!🤞

Next up on the everyday life adventures finding pull-ups. Or at least diapers to fit Eloise that I can fake into pull-ups, because we tried but we aren’t ready to go without then at night yet! More and more as we settle in here I’m finding that some things come easy and aren’t a stretch and some things are HARD and really challenge me both mentally and emotionally. Challenge is good and to be changed, and to get out of our comfort zone is part of my we are on this adventure. When the hard stuff involves my kids it feels even harder, and definitely more intimidating.


    • Thank you but I do t think it’s worth the luggage space. I’m going to hunt for a solution tomorrow. I can buy diapers in her size just not pull ups. Which is a distinction that matters mostly to her


  1. Yikes, disconcerting to say the least. I hear you about the challenges when they involved your children, especially when it’s their health, that is a different kind of challenge.


    • Yah the prescribing is crazy to me. I don’t generally just give my kids things unless they are totally needed. I am going to research the mess prescribed before giving them especially since the hives are basically gone now.


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