Daily life intrudes 

I’m pretty sure I’ve written on this subject before but it still feels relevant to me, and ongoing, so I’m doing it again. Peeps sometimes reality crushes your dreams, and sometimes it makes them, and sometimes it’s just in between. Once we knew we were doing this big adventure and I had given notice at my job all the wonderful things I was going to accomplish when I wasn’t working filled my head! 

  • I would get up early with David every morning before the kids!
  • I would would work out every morning!
  • Eloise and I would go on amazing adventures every day!
  • My house would always be clean! 
  • I would do more self care!
  • I would find my purpose!
  • I would cook every night!

And on and on, but you get the picture. Domestic goddess-hood and self empowerment coming my way! Reality? Moving across the world didn’t give me a personality transplant over night. I’m still not a morning person, but some things are are happening and some are not… Good thing David is a morning person and that he willing does the kids by himself. I’m so lucky 😍 Some things have changed, I do cook basically every night and I really enjoy it. Cooking though was something I liked to do before the move, so not a huge stretch for me. I guess the point I’m driving at here (actually rambling to in writing but whatever) is that just because you change location doesn’t mean an automatic change in yourself. You still have to work for those changes you want to see in your self. (shocking I know! 😂) I’m in my mid thirties and still trying to figure out who/ what I want to be when I grow up. More on that another time…

I know I’m late to the party on this one…. But I actually think it’s more common than you might think. More power to people who find that thing early and run with it, but I’m just not one of them. I guess I’m coming to the conclusion that no matter where you are in place and time your average daily life is still with you. There are still dishes, laundry still gets dirty, my house is still untid, and my bathrooms are less than perfect. But I make a kickass dinner nearly every night, and we all sit down and eat it as a family. Eloise and I take near daily food/ household related adventures. Not big crazy things but we are growing and stretching our wings for bigger things. We are learning and growing, and moving in the direction we have chosen, just at a pace that is slower than originally anticipated and hoped for. 

Well that’s my ramblings for the day, maybe I’ll check back in a few months and see if anything has changed! (or maybe I won’t who knows! 😆😏)


  1. So a few years back I read an article about Fulbrite Scholars. The author/research team polled the annual recipients to discover the pattern of their daily lives to see what commonalities they share. It was a very diverse group but it turns out the ONE thing that every scholar had in common was that they sat down to eat dinner at the table with their family almost every night of the week. It sounds surprising, but then again maybe not so surprising.


  2. Ah, Salina, the truth is that wherever you go, there you are. We are changed by travel, but not into somebody different. And we never figure out who we’ll be when we grow up because at that moment we’ll be dead. You’re doing just dine. Not to worry!


  3. I think so many people struggle with this notion of what to do with their lives. I think of John Lennon and the line from a song “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” I think just fully living where you are, so to speak, is the best most of us can do. I’ve had several very different phases in my life and they were all good for a time, but I think that we grow and change and our priorities and goals shift and that is all good. I always envied the people who had a “thing”, but I also have come to realize sometimes when you have a “thing” you miss out on all kinds of other opportunities etc. So just embracing who and where you are right now is all good. And I agree that family dinners are the best!! Absolutely the best, so go you!!!!


  4. As someone who has worked that schedule that prevents family meals- I think being able to eat together every night is a huge deal. It’s honestly the one thing I point to most often as a benefit of being at home instead of at work. For me- most days with small children do not feel wildly successful and I question my choices all the time. But family dinner is always in the success column!


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