The Health Certificate Adventure 

Today’s adventure was a health cert so that we can move forward with my cart séjour. We are on a bit of a tight timeline as my US fingerprinting and FBI background check are expiring soon! We have known I needed to do this for about a week but quite honestly I have been putting it off because I was intimidated by the idea of seeing a doctor and explaining what I needed by myself and in a language I barely speak, and I honestly hadn’t realized it was quite so urgent. So here I am at the hospital on a Friday morning with a driver from the school waiting for an appointment. 

I was told I needed to bring money, but no one specifically said bring your passport. Obviously it should have occurred to me that I would need some form of identification, but I just didn’t think about it. I guess my brain is still used to having a wallet with an ID in it with me at all times. Realistically I should have thought about the fact that here the only valid form of ID I have is my passport. 

Fortunately David came to the rescue and emailed me a PDF with my passport info and they were willing to work with that. After that whole business we just waited around till my name was called. 

The actual visit was super short and superficial, but I walked away with a pice of paper certifying that I’m healthy and that’s what the whole adventure was all about. Next step is a trip to the police station on Monday to get a receipt that my cart séjour is being processed! Yah for bureaucracy 😂

That’s all for now! Tomorrow’s fun is shopping for riding clothes! 😬

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