Weekend adventures

Today’s big event for me was a trip to Decathlon for equestrian apparel because hopefully I will start riding again as of this next week! I have a trial ride on Tuesday (fingers crossed) at a fancy barn just 15 min walk from us, where if things go well I will be schooling horses a few days a week. I hadn’t bought any riding cloths with me when we moved so in order to do a trial ride I needed a whole set! Fortunately I have made a friend in the lady who introduced me to the barn, and she was kind enough to let me tag along to Decathlon with her this morning. 

The place is amazing! It’s like a mashup of rei, big 5, and a basic tack store along with a few other things sprinkled in. They have camping stuff, hiking stuff, football stuff, tennis stuff, yoga stuff, exercise machines, and so much more! And the prices were great too! For 850dh (about $85) I got all of this!

Funny story; I can wear a youth size 14 in breaches, but I had to get the adult L in half chaps in order to zip them over my calfs! 😂😬😂😬

Once I got home we headed out to buy Patrick new underwear and to get some groceries for the weekend. We have found that not as many places, especially butcher shops are open on Sundays so I have been trying to not shop on Sunday. 

It’s been really hot all week (in the mid 90’s most days) and it’s supposed to be hot again tomorrow too, so we are headed black to the beach for the afternoon. 

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