What I’ve been wearing round two. 

It’s been a few weeks so I thought I would revisit this topic, and bonus you get some toddler outfits too!

I’m so bored with all my clothes! Today was colder and a little rainy in the morning so I actually broke out a blazer (see cover photo), and by the time we were walking home I was regretting it. 

Well with this rendition I think you have officially seen everything I have with me… or at least everything seasonally appropriate. I have a whole stack of sweaters that have yet to see the light of day! 😂

I still haven’t been seriously harassed for anything I have worn, although the other day when I was out without the kids and in a tank top (think full shoulder coverage) some guy did make a remark at me as I walked past him. But it was no worse than I have had in the states and in no way did I feel threatened. I think in some ways it’s all about your level of comfort with yourself and what you are willing to ignore. By no means should you go around scantily clad, because you will garner unwanted attention and it’s just culturally not appropriate, but generally if you can let the odd comment roll off your back you can easily wear sleeveless tops and other similar items. This is my personal opinion, from my own experience and at my comfort level. Yours might be different and that should be kept in mind. 

As a side note you might have noticed that Ellie wears whatever she wants (within reason). There really are no rules about what kids wear. In fact let’s add some additional toddler selfies to show off her fashion sense. 

Needless to say her skills are top notch! 😂 Every time after I take my outfit pic she insists on doing one too!

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