Weekend Shenanigans 

I know it’s Wednesday, but I’m finally getting around to posting about our weekend…. It’s not like I really had anything better to do I just kept forgetting. 

We stayed in town this weekend because David had to work on Saturday at to schools cultural fair, and because we needed to do a little shopping in order to be ready for Disney! David in particular needed new clothes and shoes, and the kids and I needed a few things as well. 

Beanbag toss! Or if you’re a toddler it’s a careful selection and placement in hole game 😂

Bouncy House! A favorite of basically all kids, mine included.

Happy girl with her new crown 😍

T-Rex face paint.

Green! We stumbled on this “park” while walking from the tram to the shopping center. No walking on the grass, but some nice manicured paths to stroll on.

Kitty cats! Everywhere we go she has to point them out and she desperately wants to pet them. Feral cats are everywhere here.

More park because 😍 and I’m starved for green space.

The boys watching the street life after a long shopping afternoon.

The street life. At 5:15pm it’s just starting to heat up.

We will likely stay in Casa this weekend as well since it’s our last weekend before the trip and I’m sure there will be some loose ends to tie up. I’m so excited about Disney! Possible more excited than the kids! 😂

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