Weekend update (a little late)

Well it’s Tuesday and I’m already behind… This weekend was both busy and not busy all at the same time. 

We went over to one of Patrick’s school friends house on Friday for a play date. Ellie and I went along too because I don’t feel like he is ready for a solo play date yet (or maybe it’s that I’m not ready? 😂😫😩😂). How do they grow up so fast!!!

Anyway fun was had by all and we got home super late. 

Saturday David was gone all day judging debate at George Washington (the American school) so the kids and I were home alone. We did our grocery shopping and even got popcorn, which I made on the stovetop for the first time! I even managed not to burn it!

Sunday was our family day and we headed out on an adventure to explore the botanical gardens. One of you lovely readers had suggested it as the best “green space” in the city, and you are right! It is lovely 😍 

Unfortunately it’s a little hard to get to on the tram, (especially without changing lines which I haven’t figured out yet…) so we had to do a bit of walking. But! The new line extension will go right past it so once that’s up and running it will be super easy! Unfortunately until the new line is up and running i don’t think we will be regular visitors because getting there was just a bit too much walking for the kids. It is lovely though and I’m looking forward to regular visits once the line is running!

Ok that’s all for now! I need to get back to house cleaning and preping for our trip to Disney in TWO DAYS! We are so excited to see friends and see the kids experience Disney magic for the first time 😍

I will likely be MIA until we get back, so see you next week…. Same time same place? 😂

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