We made it home!

We got back from Disney the day before yesterday but I have been sick so I’m running behind…

We had a fantastic time and got to see some of our best friends as well! I haven’t been to a Disney resort since childhood so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but the Paris park is smal and easy to get around on foot which was nice. The kids loved it and if I’m being honest so did the adults. Three days in the parks was both the perfect amount of time and not enough. We were so tired at the end I don’t think we could have made it through another day, but we also didn’t see everything. 

At the airport waiting for our flight out!

At the hotel

The BFF’s reunited 😍

Headed into the parks

This year is the parks 25th anniversary!

Walking down Main Street

The castle. It’s even better in person.

Family shot! It’s such a rarity to get us all in one frame!

Waiting in line for the tea cups

On the tea cups. Ellie’s face = my thoughts exactly. 😂

Our best Argggg for the pirate ship.

Mommy and kids shot! Another rarity!

Steering the ship!

A view of Fantasy Land. Disney really does do an amazing job of creating a whole “world” in each section of the park.

Riding the carousel.

Holding on tight!

I even got a ride!

The tricycle parade. Super fun and it had a catchy tune, we definitely saw it more than once! 😂

Another castle view. My pictures really don’t do it justice! It so pretty in person.

All the Halloween decorations were still up and they were so fun!

Patrick and David doing the parachute drop!

Just a boy and his dad. 😍

Our little lady running around like the crazy independent girl she is!

Another attempt at a family pic, but Ellie was not in the mood.

Toy Story Land.

Patrick chilling with Rex

“It’s a small world after all”

The story book ride.

Driving cars. Quite possibly her favorite ride.

Waiting for the princess waltz. Ellie was in heaven because we got to see all of her favorite princess (except Elsa and Anna).

The Wild West show. It was actually pretty fun and a nice way to end our last night.

As you might notice they are no pictures of our friends here (except from a few back of head shots). I don’t feel like it’s right to post their pictures since they aren’t my kids. But rest assured we got plenty of fun pictures together for our own personal memories. 

All and all a wonderful time was had by all! Now back to real life and all the day to day fun!

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