Who doesn’t love a good brunch? Especially when it’s an all you can eat buffet full of all the American staples that are hard to find here in Casa? The Irish pub in Casa had it, and it was AMAZING! They even had bacon! In a country that doesn’t eat pork!

Many years ago when backing across Europe my travel companions and I were felling a bit homesick so we decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant somewhere in Normandy. It did nothing to help our homesickness because it didn’t really resemble Mexican food in the states. It was likely one of our worst meals of the trip because it so thoroughly failed to meet our expectations.

The pub brunch experience was nothing like that. The food was delicious (the grits in particular were bang on), but it did bring the Mexican restaurant memory to mind because the bacon was different. Still delicious, but not the same as bacon in the states, and that’s actually a pretty good explanation of being an expat (for me at least). It’s amazing, but different and sometimes when you bite in that taste doesn’t meet your expectations based on the packaging. If you let it (whatever it is) be it, rather than comparing it to what your were expecting it to be chances are you will enjoy it more.

Ok! Those are my deep thoughts for the day! Now a few pictures to lighten things up!

Oh and on the way back to the tram we found another park! It’s not really open yet…. but according to the workers it will definitely, most likely be open in three months. Welcome to Morocco! 😂

This picture is courtesy of our friends Jedidiah, Che, and Darwin. We were happy to run into them at brunch and we all walked back to the tram together.

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