Pictures from this week.

I was going to have this up last night but instead we all went out, came home and had a movie night and then passed out in exhaustion. This will be short because I haven’t taken many pictures this week. Also it’s been pretty low key around here all week, so there just isn’t much to report. I’ll try and do better next week!

Walking home from school on Monday. So much cuteness 😍

Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday?) Equally cute but not as much fun. Patrick slipped crossing the road, and got the smallest scrap on his knee. He insisted on a bandaid from his first aid kit and the. Dramatically limped most of the way home.

We are growing our bangs out. So obviously we need documentation. And also pictures of our pretty clips.

Fruit bowls. Because this is my favorite fruit season so far. The strawberries are AMAZING.

Packing her bag this morning. Traveling and packing are a large part of the kids imaginative play.

Ok that’s all for now! Hopefully I will have something fun to share by the end of the weekend!

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