Weekend update

No adventure this weekend, we stayed home to take care of some things. The “we really live here” continues to settle in and as it does we discover new things we need or want. This weekends main mission was beds for the kids. They have been sharing one which has worked out ok, but I think they would sleep better in their own space.

Our head of school offered to take us out to Kitea (which is just like IKEA) to look at bunk beds. It was just like IKEA in every way, including that sense of overwhelming inability to make a decision, and the irritation that comes along with it. You know what I’m talking about right? Anyway we were unable to make a decision, they were expensive and the top bunk railing seemed too low. So main mission was not accomplished, but we did get a shoe rack and some more bins! And it sent us on a neighborhood mission for other stuff so that was good too! Later that night I found secondhand beds through Facebook (two singles) that are more affordable and we should get them later this week! Hip hip hooray!

Sunday was spent hanging at home and organizing things, which was much needed. David worked hard all week to be able to not have to work some on the weekend and I it was really nice to have him around all weekend.

The only pictures I took all weekend are these two of the kids waiting for our ride to Kitea. Total fail I know, but ahh well some weekends are like that.

We are back to the weekly grind now, David and Patrick are at school and I’m trying to decide what Ellie and I will do today.

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