The week in pictures

Pretty mellow week around here, but hopefully there will be some excitement this weekend!

Ellie and I headed to Anfa 55 for a little shopping/ storage option reviewing.

Anfa 55 is best described as target on steroids with a little bit of IKEA and Pier 1 thrown in for good measure. The ground floor is completely decked out in Christmas which was kinda fun to wander around and look at. And just like target it was seriously hard to walk out of there with a bunch of stuff we don’t need! 😂

I thought I lost my library card which would have been TRAGIC. I read a lot of library books on my kindle thanks to digital downloads. Occasionally if it’s a particularly popular book you have to wait a bit for it, but on the whole it’s incredibly easy.

We got the kids new beds! Two singles. We were hoping they would sleep better separated, but that hasn’t really been true for Ellie she is still crawling in with us in the night.

Thanksgiving breakfast! We don’t have an oven so I decided not to even try a thanksgiving dinner.

Fooling around in the afternoon. I’m impressed he can lift her!

Taking brother to school. Usually Patrick goes to school with David, but David had some extra work to do, so we came along later.

The nursery and reception class showing off their songs at the monthly assembly.

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