Back on track

So remember how a week and a half ago I said that David and Patrick were sick? Fast forward a few days and WE ARE ALL SICK. So if you have been wondering where we have been or what we were up to, that’s the answer. We were wallowing in our snotty noses, coughs, fevers, and clogged sinuses.

Side note: I had to majorly mea-culpa to David about being sick. I was super grumpy with him that weekend because I really wanted to get out and do something and his cold was totally ruining my plans. Also how bad can a cold be? Just deal with it! Turns out this cold is horrible and really knocks you on your back. So I was wrong.

Oh and Baba visited!

And she had a whole suitcase packed full of stuff for us! Thanks mom! It’s funny but I never really thought of the little things we would miss, and it was so nice to have someone bring us a suitcase full of them. Ziplock bags people! Who knew? Also brown sugar, because oatmeal just isn’t the same without it. And about a million other things but I doubt you all want a detailed list…

Unfortunately we were sick for her whole visit and we never got out to do anything! 😫 But it was really nice just to hang out and soak up the time together.

It has also gotten cold! I never thought it would happen! I didn’t believe them when people said it would, but it’s true it’s cold! Most buildings here have no central heating, and are made entirely of cement block, so it feels particularly cold inside. In fact I just dug out our space heater and turned it on today! The weather outside is also starting to feel cool, it’s still sunny all the time but the breeze is brisk! David says it is quite cold walking to school in the morning and he and Patrick have been leaving the house completely bundled up in everything warm we brought (which is not a lot). So we are off this weekend in search of winter clothes!


  1. Not that I had one inch of space left, but I am wishing I brought some warm clothes. I take a tiny bit of comfort in knowing that Eli would have refused to wear them even if I had.


    • Ha ha! We are headed to Decathlon this weekend to stock up on some more warm items. I also just bought her some today second hand from another expat!


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