Back to the doc we go…

As many of you already know we have all been sick. Yep still sick and Ellie had a rough night last night and woke up with hives this morning 😱

So we marched ourselves down to the Pediatric Hospital by the school to get her seen. One of the other teachers from school (who speaks good French) went in with us in case we needed anything translated. Turns out the doc spoke very good English which was a relief. Every time we have one of these situations I’m reminded that I need to improve my French. After being checked over we left with reassurance and prescriptions.

Overall this trip to the doctors was so much better than our last doctors visit, and I’m actually surprised at how affordable it was. The visit and prescriptions came to a total of 430dh (about $43) and we will get reimbursed for that with our insurance.

Anyway if you need us we will be hanging out in bed watching movies, for the sake of my my sanity hopefully not Frozen or Moana or I might loose my find. Wish me luck!

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