Fez Adventure

Location: Fez, Morocco 🇲🇦

Length of stay: 29 Dec – 1 Jan

Accommodations: Menzeh Zalagh 2

Christmas was rather lackluster around here since we were all still sick (especially the parental units), so once we had recovered we decided to get out of town for a few days. We decided on Fez because it’s farther away than we could easily do in a weekend trip, and of course the leather goods. As a city Fez did not disappoint, and the Medina is a UNESCO world heritage site which was pretty cool. We stayed at Menzeh Zalagh 2 which definitely DID DISAPPOINT. The only good thing about the hotel was it’s location in the Villa Nouvelle. Our room which was advertised as sleeping 4 had one bed in it and they brought in a cot when we complained that there were not enough places to sleep. Our room was also directly under a nightclub, which made it pretty loud at night. I could go on and on about the other things that were less than great about the hotel, but let’s not dwell on that let’s move on to all the good stuff!

We started both days at Cafe Palace in Villa Nouvelle’s Jardin Public. We highly recommend this lovely little cafe! They serve a filling breakfast at a decent price and bonus your kids can run around the park while waiting for your food to arrive leaving you free to have a nice convo with your spouse.

Day 1 We spent our whole first day in the Medina. We were able to walk there from the hotel (about 45ish min), and take in the sites along they way. The kids walked the whole day without complaining and we only had few bits of carrying for Ellie. Both kids were great with all the walking for the whole trip! They carried all their own stuff from the train to the hotel, and back again. They also wandered around willingly all day without complaining, which was great! Ok done bragging now back to the Medina! 😜

On they way to the Medina you walk past the grounds of the Royal Palace, so we stopped for a photo at the gates. The gates are beautiful and so detailed. You can’t go into the grounds so we had to be satisfied with the gates outside. It was dark by the time we were walking home and they glowed beautifully in the evening.

After a stop at the gates we headed on to the Medina!

And we got to see the tanneries! Which was a total bucket list item for me. The tanneries are surrounded by leather shops and you can go up onto their rooftop terraces and look down on them tanning the leather. The view of the Medina from the rooftop was also really great.

We had a late lunch at a rooftop restaurant, but I can’t remember the name. There are tons of rooftop restaurants all over the Medina. I also forgot to take any pictures before we started eating, but it was all delicious.

After “lunch” (at 4:30…) we started heading back to the hotel, with a quick pit stop for ice-cream along the way.

Day 2 We were all pretty tired after our day at the Medina so we decided to check out the old Jewish quarter and then revisit Bou Jeloud Gardens. On our way there we walked through another little park opposite the palace grounds.

Bou Jeloud Gardens was beautiful and a great way to spend the afternoon.

And the next day we headed home!

Whew this turned into a long post! I probably should have split it over two. Suffice to say it was a busy and fun few days!

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