Weekend wrap up

Happy Monday! We are still trying to get back in the swing of things after the holiday break. It was a short week at school last week which was probably good, because after three days back Patrick was a hot mess. Another short week this week which will be good, and hopefully by next week we will be back in the swing of things.

Anyway, not a lot going on for us since Fez just getting back to everyday life, and dreaming about trips to take (like always). Even moving to a foreign country hasn’t seemed to quell my wanderlust. I think later in the week I’ll post our plans so far for 2018 so that you all can chime in with tips and things to do.

Friday we booked an unexpected trip home to Seattle for just the kids and I in April. David has some work to do over spring break and it will be much easier for him to concentrate if we aren’t around bugging him to do fun things with us! I’m pretty jazzed about the trip home and seeing everyone. I’m already planning all the things I want to eat! 😜 Oh and we’re making a list of things to get and bring back…. It’s funny the things you miss, I for example will be grabbing a bag of brown sugar, and if I could figure out how to bring bacon back in my suitcase it would be tempting! So that was all pretty exciting!

I booked the flights from London because they have a cheap direct flight, and you can easily get a pretty affordable flight from Casablanca or Rabat to London. I don’t actually like to fly, so this gives me the ability to spread the flights out a little. And bonus by booking the flights separately we can spend a few days in London as well!

It’s been a bit cold and rainy here (I know crazy right?!?) so this weekend consisted of grocery shopping, movie watching, and cooking for me! Oh and a quick but ill fated trip to the beach.

I finally bucked up and used the tangine for the first time, with ok results. I think I overfilled, and under seasoned it. Room for improvement!

Oh and the beach! On Sunday we were getting a little stir crazy and since it was “only sprinkling” we thought why not? We’re Pacific Northwesterners we can handle a little rain. So we got all geared up and headed out, but by the time we got there it was an absolute downpour!

We walked to the water line then straight back to the tram and headed home for hot chocolate and movies with a warm dry blanket.

We have a half day on Wednesday, and Thursday off entirely so who knows we might have a midweek adventure!

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